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Glasgow Crossrail

The Case for Glasgow’s Crossrail

On 8 March 2017, we held our second public meeting at Glasgow University to present the Case for Glasgow’s Crossrail scheme, which we supported in our first manifesto.

The event featured presentations from Roddy McDougall and Ken Sutherland from Railfuture Scotland.

Crossrail Glasgow is the missing link in Scotland’s rail network. Crossrail joins up the north and south Strathclyde rail networks, creating a crossing over the Clyde and opening up a huge range of new rail connections across Scotland. Crossrail will make it possible for people to travel from Edinburgh and the north of Scotland direct to Ayrshire, Inverclyde and Glasgow Airport without having to change trains.

The image above is from Angus Doyle’s proposal for a fully-integrated Glasgow Transport Map, which includes the proposed Crossrail route.

The images below show the plans for Crossrail developed by SPT over the last few decades.

Glasgow Crossrail