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Get Glasgow Moving (orginal logo)

Design Credits

Get Glasgow Moving was launched at a packed public meeting on 15 September 2016. The campaign’s original logo (above) was designed by Ellie Harrison, featuring white graphics on a bright pink background inspired by the ‘People Make Glasgow’ brand.

In autumn 2016, when writing our first manifesto, we began working with local designer Angus Doyle – famous for his proposal for a fully-integrated Glasgow Transport Map – to develop a new logo and accompanying set of illustrations. Angus Doyle chose the colour scheme of white and peach (Hex #F48573).

Angus Doyle’s designs were then used on the first version of our website compiled by David Eyre, Ellie Harrison and Johanna MacLeod, which launched in autumn 2016.

After receiving our grant from the Foundation for Integrated Transport in 2019, we commissioned Glasgow-based web designer Neil Scott to redevelop our website using Angus Doyle’s original designs, but with a slightly bolder, darker shade of peach (Hex #EC6D50).

This new version of our website (designed by Neil Scott), launched at our second Annual General Meeting on 1 February 2020.