Better Buses for Strathclyde campaign launch Glasgow’s night bus fiasco: What next? Let’s invest public money in publicly-owned buses! Bus fare hikes in Glasgow Bus cuts across Scotland
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Tell your MSP candidates to join our fight for better buses

We’ve got a fight on our hands to win the world-class, fully-integrated and affordable public transport network our region deserves.

With just a few days left before the election on 6th May, please share our brilliant new video with your MSP candidates to get them to help us #TakeBackOurBuses.

Scroll down to find your candidates and click on the link to Send Tweet!

Glasgow Constituency Candidates

Glasgow Anniesland

SNP – Bill Kidd Send Tweet
Conservative – Ade Aibinu Send Tweet
Labour – Eva Murray Send Tweet
Lib Dem – Mark Simons Send Tweet

Glasgow Cathcart

SNP – James Dornan Send Tweet
Conservative – Euan Blockley Send Tweet
Labour – Craig Carson Send Tweet
Lib Dem – Joe McCauley Send Tweet

Glasgow Kelvin

SNP – Kaukab Stewart Send Tweet
Conservative – Grahame Cannell
Labour – Pam Duncan-Glancy Send Tweet
Green – Patrick Harvie Send Tweet
Lib Dem – David McKenzie Send Tweet

Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn

SNP – Bob Doris Send Tweet
Conservative – Alix Mathieson Send Tweet
Labour – Keiran O’Neill Send Tweet
Lib Dem – Andrew Chamberlain Send Tweet

Glasgow Pollock

SNP – Humza Yousaf Send Tweet
Conservative – Sandesh Gulhane Send Tweet
Labour – Zubir Ahmed Send Tweet
Green – Nadia Kanyange Send Tweet
Lib Dem – James Spiers Send Tweet
Reclaim Party – Leo Kerse Send Tweet
Scottish Libertarian Party – Alan Findlay
UKIP – Daryl Gardner
Independent – Joseph Finnie

Glasgow Provan

SNP – Ivan McKee Send Tweet
Conservative – Annie Wells Send Tweet
Labour – Martin McElroy Send Tweet
Green – Kim Long Send Tweet
Lib Dem – Nicholas Moohan Send Tweet

Glasgow Shettleston

SNP – John Mason Send Tweet
Conservative – Thomas Kerr Send Tweet
Labour – Pauline McNeill Send Tweet
Lib Dem – Matthew Clark Send Tweet

Glasgow Southside

SNP – Nicola Sturgeon Send Tweet
Conservative – Kyle Thornton Send Tweet
Labour – Anas Sarwar Send Tweet
Lib Dem – Carole Ford Send Tweet
Freedom Alliance – Carol Ann Dobson – no twitter
Liberal Party – Deek Jackson – no twitter
Independent – Greg Energy Adviser Send Tweet
Independent – Jaydra Fransen – no twitter


SNP – Clare Haughey Send Tweet
Conservative – Lynne Nailon – no twitter
Labour – James Kelly Send Tweet
Lib Dem – Sheila Thomson Send Tweet

Glasgow Region List Candidates

(those not standing in constituencies above)

SNP – Roza Salih Send Tweet
SNP – Alex Kerr Send Tweet
SNP – Suzanne McLaughlin Send Tweet
SNP – Katy Loudon Send Tweet
SNP – Christina Cannon Send Tweet
SNP – Abdul Bostani Send Tweet

Labour – Paul Sweeney Send Tweet
Labour – Willie Docherty Send Tweet

Green – Jon Moylneux Send Tweet
Green – Dan Hutchison Send Tweet
Green – Elaine Gallagher Send Tweet
Green – Emma Cockburn Send Tweet
Green – Anthony Carroll Send Tweet
Green – Blair Anderson Send Tweet
Green – Holly Bruce Send Tweet
Green – Ellie Gomersall Send Tweet
Green – Calum Mcintosh Send Tweet

Abolish the Scottish Parliament – James Dunsmore
Abolish the Scottish Parliament – Roberty Pressley

Alba Party – Michelle Ferns Send Tweet
Alba Party – Ailsa Gray Send Tweet
Alba Party – Shahid Farooq Send Tweet
Alba Party – Lynn McMahon Send Tweet

All For Unity – Jean Anne Mitchell Send Tweet
All For Unity – Ricky Morton Send Tweet
All For Unity – Christian McNeill Send Tweet
All For Unity – Khaleel Mohammed Send Tweet
All For Unity – Niall Fraser Send Tweet
All For Unity – Chris Creighton Send Tweet
All For Unity – Ian Mulholland Send Tweet

Communist Party of Britain – Johnnie Hunter Send Tweet

Freedom Alliance – Mary Steven
Freedom Alliance – Diane Hodge
Freedom Alliance – David Mills
Freedom Alliance – Roderick Nicoll
Freedom Alliance – Stephen Lonsdale

Independent Green Voice – Alistair McConnachie

Reform UK – Andy MacMillan Send Tweet
Reform UK – Jamie-Lee McMillan
Reform UK – Christina MacMillan
Reform UK – Kirsty MacMillan
Reform UK – Ellen MacMillan

Renew Party Scotland – Ben Meechan Send Tweet
Renew Party Scotland – Andrea Kozlowski Send Tweet

Scottish Family Party – William Neeson
Scottish Family Party – Joshua Hall
Scottish Family Party – John Laird
Scottish Family Party – David Tortolano
Scottish Family Party – Margaret Paterson

Scottish Libertarian Party – Cameron Milne

Social Democratic Party – Anthony McGinley
Social Democratic Party – Robin John Dudfield Send Tweet
Social Democratic Party – Robert Malyn
Social Democratic Party – Richard Cameron – banned from twitter

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition – Brian Smith Send Tweet
Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition – Sinéad Daly
Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition – Oisín Duncan
Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition – Maddie Jamieson

UKIP – Chris Ho
UKIP – Amanda Ranaghan
UKIP – David Hanna

Women’s Equality Party – Ruth Wilkinson Send Tweet
Women’s Equality Party – Suzanne Martin Send Tweet
Women’s Equality Party – Esthi Thurston Send Tweet
Women’s Equality Party – Anna Nordahl Send Tweet

Independent – Daniel Donaldson – no twitter
Independent – Craig Ross Send Tweet